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We want to welcome you to what we hope will bring peace and joy to the lives of singles who read through this website. Since this is a new journey, at first you may see a shortage of resources. Our hope is to continue to build those over time.

Single Christianity is focused on singles ages 25 and up as we have found that is where many churches leave off in their ministries. If you are a single who never married, are separated, divorced, or are widowed this is your place.

We are also making it possible for open discussion so that as we discuss our joys and pains we might also gain insight. Feel free to click over to discussions and start asking questions.

We all want to be loved and accepted for who we are. Rules never changed anyone, but love does. Love with stewardship can change your entire life and help place you on a path of daily joy and continual growth.

Our articles are written by people with experience in the subject matter. They are those who have overcome the obstacle and are speaking with the authority of someone who has walked through where you may have to go. While we believe that Christ can immediately resolve any issue in our life, the reality is that he created life as a journey of refining our character for an eternal purpose.

In most cases we will have to walk through whatever we are going through with confidence that he is with us. There is a God who hears our prayers and does rescue us and in most cases it never how we imagined it. We hope that we can all share in that grace and mercy together as we take this new journey.

We are not religious or associated with any one denomination. We are single Christians, who fail every day, who tackle life issues while moving forward in our relationship with Christ.

Thank you for stopping by.

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