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Your Weak Link

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Proverbs 25:28 A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.

I am always asking God to give me wisdom about relationships. One night while praying God flashed a quick vision before my eyes. It was a chain with a broken link. At the time, I couldn’t understand the meaning but I knew the revelation would come soon. Three days ago he gave me the answer and here is it: A relationship is only as strong as its weakest link. In essence; a relationship is only as strong as its weakest partner.I looked up some definitions regarding “weak-link” and here are a few I found:

  • A chain is made of links. It will hold things, but if anything pulls on the chain, it will break at the weakest link, making the whole chain that weak.
  • No matter how strong the chain is, its only as strong as its weakest link, the rest is going to suffer due to the poor performance of the weakest part.
  • No matter how strong the links on the chain are, if you have one link that is a bit worn down, or was made badly, that one is going to break first.
  • When you pull a chain at both ends it will break where ever the weakest link is. 

The last definition reveals the true danger of a weak link. Our enemy, Satan is not so dumb and he can spot our weak links a mile away. He is very good at pulling relationships at both ends until that weak link finally breaks. He pulls through stress, temptation. anger and a host of other things. Broken relationships are his specialty.

So we have some  homework. This is not an assignment to cast a judgmental eye towards ourselves and others. This is an opportunity for God to heal what is weak or broken in our life and the lives of those around us. Lets ask God to reveal to us the weak links that we need to PRAY over. The broken walls, the areas in our life where we need self control. Because, after all, he is our redeemer – and EVERYTHING is redeemable under the blood of Jesus!

God wants to prepare us for our future marriage so that when evil attacks, the links will remain strong. Allow God this time to prepare you so your marriage will last a lifetime. What is YOUR weak link?