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Weak and Foolish

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But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 1 Corinthian 1:27

Paul knew all about weak and foolish things when he wrote this verse. He had spent many years persecuting and trying to destroy the church. He was a terrorist and Christians feared him. But one day, while on his way to imprison more Christians, Paul had a life-altering encounter with Jesus and became a christian. As a changed man, Paul, the man who tried to destroy the church, suddenly became God’s instrument to build the church. Paul – the church planter. Funny isn’t it. He must have looked on his earlier years of persecuting the church and thought, “Oh, what an ignorant fool I was then.”

I was meditating on this a few weeks ago and in my conversation with God I said, “Well, I was an ignorant fool in my marriage. If anyone did their share to destroy marriage it was me. In fact, I pretty much made a mockery of marriage. Oh, what an ignorant fool I was then.”

I then heard His gentle but unmistakable voice say, “That’s exactly why I’m now going to use you to BUILD marriages.”

“Ummm…God, that might not be such a good idea. There are people who probably think I should be that LAST person to talk about marriage. God? Did you hear me? I really think I’m NOT the one you want speaking on that subject.”


So, imagine my surprise when a week later a pastor approaches me and says, “God has made it clear to me in several ways that I am supposed to ask you to speak at our marriage retreat next weekend.” Yes, a marriage retreat….to BUILD marriages. Trust me, I’m as shocked as anyone! But I’m also in awe and amazement at our God who uses the weak and foolish to shame the strong. So this weekend I’m speaking at a marriage retreat.

And here is what is so wonderful – as I have been studying and praying, I have rediscovered my profound love for marriage! Marriage is the most beautiful and poignant picture of Jesus and his bride. Marriage is new life. It’s miraculous. It’s oneness. It’s mystical and symbolic. God loves marriage and as it is becoming more and more extinct, he is adamant about protecting it. Oh, what a fool I was that I didn’t see this when I was married. Oh, how weak and utterly foolish I was!! But oh, how good God is to use my failings for His glory! That’s why they call him “The Redeemer.” That’s why I love Him.