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Single Christian Sex – Can we all just be honest with each other? Single Christians are having sex. In a survey conducted by the The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, revealed those who self-identify as “evangelical,” 80 percent these singles say they have had sex. If you have fallen short in this area, we have a God who forgives and provides grace.

The purpose of today’s survey is to start the discussion as SEX is a topic that many Christians avoid. Many Christian single approach as “don’t ask me, so I don’t have to lie.”

Married People, Step Back

It’s most comical when the married speak of restraint with sex and the single christian. It sounds more like condemnation as they are past the challenge and have the Godly approval to have sex. But now, that they are married they can speak of the waiting? According to the stats, very few of them waited to have sex prior to marriage.

When we include the growing divorce community of singles, it creates a need of real encouragement wrapped in truth. Sometimes when we know the truth and we understand the cost of not walking in it, it helps us to make better decisions.

Our Goal

Over the next year we are going to do a series of articles, interviews, and surveys around the topic of single Christians and sex. Everything will speak to God’s truth based on the bible and not our own. These will be singles speaking to singles.

We are leaving things wide open for right now so please, take the survey, comment below, and lets get the sex talk going. If you are unwilling to talk about things, but just simply hide it, you will never experience freedom and healing.

Please be respectful of each other. The survey below is anonymous as we won’t be tracking any identifiable information.

Single Christian Sex Survey

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