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Below are some recommend Single Resources. We will continue to grow this page as we find valuable items to pass on.

You didn't Miss it.

You Didn’t Miss It!: God’s Best is Worth the Wait

It’s Your Turn!

Don’t get discouraged! Get ready!

TV personality Wendy Griffith was living her dream as an international reporter and news anchor but the one thing she really wanted, to fall in love and get married, seemed to be passing her by. In You Didn’t Miss It! Wendy shares her personal story of waiting on God, meeting her future husband, and becoming a bride for the first time in her fifties!

In, You Didn’t Miss It! you will learn – as Wendy did:

  • how to enjoy life while you wait
  • why waiting is not punishment – it’s preparation
  • how to stay anchored in hope while you wait and
  • why you still deserve the fairytale.

You Didn’t Miss It! is more than a love story, it’s a book of hope and a reminder of God’s faithfulness no matter how long it takes!

“Wendy Griffith is truly the Bridget Jones of Christian romance!”

– Tony Marinozzi – Screenwriter/Producer

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You are a prize to be won!

In You Are a Prize to Be Won! CBN news anchor Wendy Griffith shares her personal story of falling in love, and then watching her happily-ever-after dreams disappear. In the aftermath of heartbreak, Wendy discovered the truth about who she is in God’s eyes . . . and she invites you to make the same discovery about yourself–not just in your head–but deep down in your heart.

Wendy Griffith had often preached to other women about being a prize to be won, but did not practice it. She did not realize her true value in Christ, and became the “beggar” in a year-long romance, begging for a few scraps of love. When her romance ended, she was devastated. Through her tears, God showed her that she had settled for emotional “crumbs.” She learned that God had so much more for her, (Eph. 3:20) and that she was a pearl of great price!

Now she shares her past heartache and experiences, defining what real love is and showing you how to: Guard your heart; Avoid the counterfeit; Not look back and enjoy being sensationally single until the right one comes along. You’ll learn why God’s love for you is extravagant and you shouldn’t settle for emotional crumbs. You are a prize to be won!


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A New Vision for Dating!

A New Vision for Dating is more than just a guide for singles or the single-again adult. It is designed to instruct singles on how to open up to God s vision for their lives and to create an expectant hope of restoration from their past mistakes. While many singles seek answers from friends, dating services, single ministries, chat rooms, and even bars and clubs, A New Vision for Dating offers real life answers articulated in a way that affects the spirit, as well as the intellect. More than just offering information, A New Vision for Dating instructs the reader on how to change, to forgive, to move on, and leave destructive patterns behind. The reader is prompted to make an affirmation after most chapters and do some soul-searching to resolve old issues. Creative stories are interwoven throughout the book to illustrate the principles that are presented.

About the Author
Stacy Hord, was crowned Mrs. Missouri 1997 and later co-hosted a popular Christian morning talk radio show, Rod and Stacy in the Mornings. A divorced mother of three and teacher/facilitator of a divorce recovery program, Stacy is no stranger to the real challenges of reprogramming our hearts and minds to find a healthy relationship after a series of failed ones. Her unique way of sharing the “rights and wrongs” of dating will challenge any reader to date with a new vision.  

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Soul Set Free

Soul Set Free!

There is a soul freeing power available to every person, a power so transformative that it changes everything about the way we see life and encounter God. It liberates us from guilt and draws us closer to God so that we can live out the purpose for which we were created. That power is the grace of God that comes through the Gospel. It’s the key that sets your soul free.

As Lead Pastor of one of the largest churches in America, John Lindell shares his journey to discovering the truth of God’s amazing gift of grace and how it revolutionized his life. In Soul Set Free, John takes you on a life-changing adventure through the book of Romans, uncovering the transforming truth that is often unexplained.

As you journey with him, you will find that God’s grace is not only better than you dared to believe but does more in your life than you ever imagined. A new life awaits you, one of freedom, joy, and a closer walk with God.


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Give Me That Book: A Treasury of Truth for Troubled Times!

The Bible is like no other book. It was written by God. Through it Jesus Christ speaks. It gives life to the dead, wisdom to the fool, joy to the heart and light to the blind. It instills reverence for life and righteousness to the sinner. It is more precious than gold. It satisfies the deepest longings of the soul. It protects from danger and points toward reward. It discerns error and removes blame. It gives us the words and thoughts that please God. Psalm 17:9-14] It is a story of love, an armory of weapons and a treasury of truth. It brings hope in sorrow, strength in battle and perfect peace at death.

Now we have in our hands truth that is so glorious that it powerfully electrifies our heads and wonderfully satisfies our hearts. And so we say with John Wesley, “O give me that Book At any price, give me the book of God I have it. Here is knowledge enough for me. Let me be homo unius libri a man of one book].”

Dr Gary’s book Give Me That Book: A Treasury of Truth for Troubled Times has been available since December 2013. We have been thrilled at the comments we have been receiving from our readers. Here is a testimony from one religious educator:

“What a treasure.  I love your writing style.  The book is informative, inspirational, and although it deals with profound issues and concepts, it is written in clear and concise language.  I believe you achieved your goal in that while reading and after reading your book, the heart cries out, “give me that Book”.  I am grateful that you invested your life in this worthy and noble project.  I believe it will result in eternal dividends.  I am telling my friends it is a “must read”.”

By:  Dr. Gary Rieben

Note: All proceeds from the sales of this book go to supporting Dr. Rieben’s missionary endeavors in Malawi and the world.

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