Resources for Single Christians


I have a suggestion that helps me:

Rather than thinking that sex is bad or a sin, or that you have to somehow become non-sexual because you’re currently in a spiritual relationship instead of a physical one, think of yourself as remaining faithful to your husband. I don’t mean waiting for marriage, or waiting for A husband, but waiting for YOUR husband – the one who, from God’s perspective is already yours. Sex with him isn’t forbidden. And it will be so much sweeter than any affair when you are finally united after the long wait – like a soldier coming home after a long deployment.

If you believe your future husband is real (and he is), then ask yourself, “If I were married to this man right now and he had to go away for a while, how long would I wait before I finally gave into my need for sex and cheated on him?” I bet you’ll surprise yourself with your answer. I bet the answer is that if you knew this man’s heart was yours, if you knew he loved and cherished you, if you knew for SURE that he would return… You would wait indefinitely.

You would find a way to refocus and take care of yourself until your husband returned. (Meanwhile, this will also make you less attracted to the schmucks who are happy to service you, but are definitely NOT your loving, sweet husband.)

You husband is on his way home to you – his wife. Meanwhile every time that hunger stirs within you, just think of it as keeping the fire burning until your man comes home – and, oh boy will you pounce on him when he finally shows up! If you think of it that way, you will probably smile instead of feeling neglected.