Resources for Single Christians


I think volunteering with a group of Christians is a great way to meet people. If you don’t meet that significant person, the people you meet might introduce you. Prayer groups and studying good relationships helps get you ready to meet people. You will have more peace with God that shows in your face. Don’t be in a hurry. Trust God to provide. Your real goal is to honor God.

Think about the article on giving men a break: It says men worry that women will get too seriously involved or have too many expectations just from a coffee date. There is a hopefulness that the relationship will progress. Christian women should learn not to expect prince charming to swoop on them over a coffee date. People should have specific goals about the kind of person they are looking for such as do you have a common life goal and similar ideas about faith. If those things cannot be negotiated then do not continue dating. Make the reason clear. Don’t be mean. Try to make a comfortable end.

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