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Our Exchange Team Is Amazing: The People Behind the Exchange

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When I write something on The Exchange, someone else has almost always helped.

I read a tweet recently from Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, commenting on our new data, but also on my work output. He wrote: "Side note I am starting to believe @edstetzer is the name of a collective rather than an individual because I frankly don’t understand how a single person could sustain this level of output.”

It bothered me, not because it was unkind, but because I want people to know that we are, indeed, a team here. Sometimes, we assume that people know that, but it is important that everyone know about our great team and their great work—which is why I so frequently tweet or comment about our team!

(The picture is of our whole Billy Graham Center team, but it makes the point that working as a team really makes a difference.)

When I write something, you will sometimes see a shared byline at the front or a “contributed to” at the end of the article. However, it is important to note that almost every time I publish something here, my team has helped. They may help research, edit, or assist in the writing.

So, I want you to meet them.

Also, going forward—even when they are not co-authors or contributors—I am going to add a link to the bottom of each article in which they worked that says, “The Exchange Team assisted with this article.” They always do at some level. Sometimes, they contribute their own articles, sometimes they edit or help with mine, etc.

I just don’t want anyone to think that I am doing all this alone. It would not be possible. And, to be honest, the articles would be pretty weak without the input and suggestions of colleagues. (I should add that, if it were not for our main editor Laurie Nichols, you would hear more things that would get me in trouble, …

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