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One-on-One with Josh and Sean McDowell on the New Edition of “Evidence That Demands A Verdict”

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First published in 1972, this classic was last updated nearly two decades ago.

Ed: Why did you feel the need for an updated version of this classic?

Josh and Sean McDowell:Evidence has been updated three times since 1972, but the last version was 1999—nearly two decades ago! Over this time span, a number of new issues and challenges have arisen in both academic and popular circles that need addressing. And there has also been some pushback on the arguments that I (Josh) first advanced in Evidence that we felt needed responses.

Ed: So what does this new version contain that the previous version did not?

Josh and Sean: There are two main additions. First, we updated some of the arguments. There have been some remarkable manuscript and archaeological discoveries that strengthen the evidence. For instance, Evidence includes the most up-to-date list of the number of New Testament manuscripts. It was an enormous task to compile this, but Christians need to be aware of how strong the case is for the reliability of the Bible. Second, there are some entirely new issues that we tackle, such as the claim that Christianity is a copycat religion, historical evidence for the exodus, the martyrdom of the apostles, the challenges raised by Bart Ehrman, and more.

Ed: What is the role of apologetics in the Christian witness today?

Josh and Sean: The first task of apologetics is to help strengthen Christians in their faith. We both speak to thousands of young people today and can attest that this new generation has real questions about God and the Bible. When young people—and really anyone—discover evidence for their faith, it gives them tremendous confidence to live their faith with conviction. Apologetics also helps clear away objections that non-believers have about the faith. We regularly hear from new …

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Source: Christianity Today Magazine

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