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One-on-One with CJ Davison on Our Christian Witness Today

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“Relationships, not programs, are foundational to Jesus’ kingdom.”

Ed: How long have you been involved in Lausanne International and what is your current role?

CJ: I got involved with Lausanne at the end of 2015, serving on the prayer team for the Young Leaders Gathering in Jakarta in 2016. I am now involved with the Young Leaders Generation on the Missional Resource team.

Ed: Tell me about your current roll and what you do.

CJ: With the Lausanne Movement, our Missional Resource team is connecting young leaders with webinars, resources, and higher education scholarships. Most of my time, I have been working with schools to get scholarships for young leaders from the Majority world. It’s been amazing to see the Lord open doors for partnership with well-known and reputable schools who have identified Lausanne’s unique capability to identify rising (and often unrepresented) leaders from around the world.

Full-time, I am with a ministry called Leadership International. We equip Christ-like leaders with training and resources. I help set up locally-run biblical leadership training programs, and my passion is to serve church leaders in difficult and remote locations. Day to day, I assist our international directors and partners with fundraising, planning, and curriculum. Periodically, I travel around Africa and Asia to teach, get stories, and encourage our team.

Ed: Tell me about the gospel and the church in your part of the world.

CJ: My time as a missionary in Africa (and traveling overseas with my current job) has allowed me to see and understand the gospel more clearly. I still love my culture, but I more accurately see the pros and cons. We need the global church to influence us. We need meaningful cross-cultural engagement and relationships to refine our gospel, fuel our passion, …

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Source: Christianity Today Magazine

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