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I’m SO Hungry!

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Recently a friend of mine, Shannon, adopted a child from Africa. Upon returning home with the new little girl the family soon discovered how starved for food she had been. She could not stop eating! Over-eating became an issue and Shannon would have to take the food away explaining to her that there is more food coming later. Her explanations were met with tears and angst as the little girl could not comprehend a “supply” of food waiting for her.

God spoke to me through this one day. When we see singles over-dating they are actually starved for love so they think the answer is to gorge themselves on the opposite sex with as much attention as they can get. I see this with those who keep multiple people on the hook at one time and move in and out of new relationships often. And as the little girl fought and cried when her food was taken away, people in starvation mode FALL APART when their source of attention is taken away.

So let me ask you this: What feeds your soul? What are you hungering for today? Is is that long awaited text? Is it to meet someone new? Is that what will truly feed your soul? Maybe you’re not getting it right now and you’re throwing a fit with God. But, maybe He is withholding it for a reason – because he doesn’t want to feed your flesh, He wants to feed your SOUL and cure your starvation.

There is a “supply” waiting for you that will truly satisfy your hunger. Look at this verse from Psalm 63:5. “My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods…” This is fascinating! Your soul can be so satisfied that you no longer hunger for fruitless relationships. There is MORE FOOD! And how do you get this food? The rest of the verse tells us, “…with singing lips my mouth will praise you.” This is one of the mysteries of the kingdom – what we speak out with our lips fills us on the inside. Praise fills you up!

A relationship with the opposite sex should be a bonus – not the meal. When we are satisfied with Jesus first, a relationship then feels like a wonderful desert and everything falls into place as it should with no expectations. Today ask yourself – “What feeds my soul?”