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How to Discover God’s Vision for Your Community

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There are three questions must be answered in order to discover God’s unique assignment for your ministry.

True kingdom disciples long to leverage their lives in ways that matter. Often deemed reckless by outsiders, these men and women are poised to run headlong into a vast void of darkness, trusting that the Light who goes in and with them is enough to take on any foe. Such zeal, however, can often lead to fool-hearty pursuits, burnout, or recklessness that sabotages later endeavors if it’s not accompanied by an ever-increasing dose of God’s wisdom.

Over the years, I’ve returned to a concept which I proposed in Kingdom Firstthat has been instrumental in the discovery and implementation of a kingdom vision. Three questions must be honestly answered in order to discover God’s unique assignment for my ministry:

1 – Who Am I?

The first critical determination is a radically honest self-evaluation of who I am. A lack of realistic self-awareness has needlessly littered the path of Christian mission with well-intended causalities. For vibrant kingdom work to happen, I must own who it is that God made me to be. How am I built? What does it look like when I’m functioning at my best? What are my unique proclivities to both failure and success?

To answer this question, we’re well served to first consider our spiritual gifting. Looking back at the themes of our past, we should be able to discern areas of unique spiritual fruitfulness and fulfillment and times we’ve felt uniquely empowered by God’s spirit to act in faith.

Most often, these gifts will be evident in areas of personal weakness—places where it’s most apparent that God is empowering our endeavors. Human strengths most often correlate to personality rather than spiritual giftings and so gift inventories that associate …

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Source: Christianity Today Magazine

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