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He knows

A few months ago, I was out for a run during the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home order in our city. For me, there are a few things that help me clear my head, and running is one.

It was sort of a dreary day in the ’60s, and as you would suspect with the stay-at-home order, not many people were out. I live in the downtown of my city, which usually has folks out everywhere. That day it was a ghost town.

After stopping to cross the main street, I was struck with a cool thought. Some time ago, my mother passed away. You can read about her in my article “If I Don’t See You Here, I’ll See You In Heaven.

Mom was one of my biggest cheerleaders and defenders. She was that way for anyone she loved and would defend you no matter what. She would step-in and step-up to anything when she was advocating for what she believed in. For her children, she was a real momma bear, don’t mess with us. I could give you countless examples. If anyone in my family had God’s ear, it was her.

So, when Mom passed, I thought, oh lord, Jesus, here she comes. She is going to step up and advocate for her children, and now things are going to move. She is going to be like that persistent friend in Luke 11:5-13 who didn’t stop asking until he got what she wanted. Or like Ferris Buller, in Ferris Buller’s Day Off, where he keeps calling Cameron until he gives in. It’s that unabashed persistence. I can hear all Mom’s friends saying, you go, Rose.

But as I stopped running for that moment, I was struck with a revelation. Mom is with Christ, as the word says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

She Knows…

She now knows what we don’t and now trusts Christ differently than we do. Mom knows the plan and knows it will come to pass in a profound way that we won’t know until we are on the other side. She doesn’t need to do anything because she sees Christ advocating for her children. All she has to do is say Amen.

She knows…. there is no fear, no pain, no wondering… she knows because she is with Jesus, and his plan is perfect. There is no wondering if it will be good, it is.

The revelation that one of my biggest fans and advocates doesn’t need to advocate because she knows the plan gave me peace.

Look, I don’t know what you are going through today, but he knows. He sees you, what you are going through, and he knows. You don’t need a Rose in heaven because Jesus is advocating for you.

I spent my whole life knowing my Mom. I watched her pray to move things that people said were not movable. The revelation that she is with Christ gave me peace to know that he knows.

He knows what’s happening in your life right now. He is for you, he is with you, and he will help you. It may not be like you thought, and your plans may all be frazzled, but he knows…

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