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Faithful to Me

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I don’t know where this article finds you today. I have personally seen some rather heartbreaking things lately. A friend took his own life; another lost a family member to a car accident and my personal journeys that have led to some rather heavy trials in the last few years.

These types of times cause me to take an inventory of my life, the past, and the things that God has walked me through. There is one song that has really become a mantra over the years; ‘He’s always been faithful’ by Sara Groves.

The only cures for trials are prayer and gratefulness. In most cases, things have never turned out as planned or even in my favor. Yet as I examine the history, I am truly thankful as God has always been faithful to me.

It’s amazing to think that while I haven’t always done my part, I have a God who shows me continual faithfulness. It’s not based on perfection or the past events that determined his faithfulness. It’s his love and grace that continually renews faithfulness in my life. Tomorrow holds so many more opportunities for us to experience God’s faithfulness through different trials. All we have to do is embrace it in thankfulness.

I have included Sara Groves song above. Just press play on the image and today as you listen to this song, hit repeat a few times so that the words sink in. Choose to believe that God will continue to be faithful to you and stop thinking that just because you aren’t good enough he won’t. It’s when we stop thinking we can do it and start believing that his divine hand is involved in every aspect of our lives that we can truly live in peace. Maybe you are about to lose your job, or your spouse left, or you just lost a friend or family member, know that he will be faithful to you even when you can’t see how it all will work out.

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