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Do You Have Soul Ties?

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Do You Have Soul Ties? Whether you have a belief in God or not, ties in friendships, relationships, and marriage cannot be denied. Its why people go out and do some crazy things when they feel slighted, rejected, or just hurt. Many make the case that these ties have more to do with things we can’t see then the physical we can.

Recently some friends and I got into a conversation about soul ties. To be transparent, I thought they were on crack when they started talking soul ties. My thoughts were “here we go again with the weirdo Christian talk,” right?

But as I examined my life, the choices, and the things I chose to cling to, it was apparent to me that they had existed in my life. I was once tied to things that held me captive. The old school religion called them chains, we call them ties. They called them bell bottoms, we call it boot-cut.

Being somewhat uninformed about the subject, I took to the bible and other resources to research it and draw my own conclusions of how these are created and then broken. I hope you will do the same.

First, there is no need to fear, as anything can be broken, but you must first be aware of it, call it out, and choose to leave it. I believe that nothing holds power or dominion over us when we are in Christ, except his love.

What Are Soul Ties

Many relate soul ties to relationships or sexual experiences outside of marriage, but they can encompass much more than that. It is my belief anything in this world we cling to, outside of Christ, has a spiritual attachment to it.

Its why we see many hurt by sex, pornography, drugs, alcohol, idols, and so on. You can have a soul tie to your money.

In the simplest terms, a soul tie is a spiritual tie. These spiritual connections are cited many times in the bible both in friendship (David and Jonathan), vows or commitments like marriage, and with sex.

The word “soul” is often defined as the collection of your will, intellect, and emotion. I believe that whatever you collectively put your will, intellect and emotion or “soul” into will create a tie. For example, it’s my opinion that while every sexual experience outside of marriage calls for repentance, not all experiences create a tie. It’s only the ones where you put your “soul” into it. I could give hundreds of examples, but just use common sense based on what the bible reads for the New Testament believer.

Here are some basics on how to break soul ties.

Stop glorifying them.

It’s great that God has delivered you from something. But if you keep going back and reliving it repeatedly after giving it to God, then it still has a hold on your life. There is a difference between testimony and memory. If when you are out with your friends who know you, and you are reliving those experiences with them, then you have a tie. Stop talking about it as you are a new creation and the old is gone.

Stop thinking about them.

The hardest part of this equation is that of the mind. What you think about, you will bring about. Choose to leave the old thoughts about the person, job, loss, or anything else besides God that you are glorifying in your mind. The easiest way to do this as Joyce Myers often says you “win the battle with power thoughts” Take those thoughts captive. Here is an excellent series by her.

Pray and ask for forgiveness and release from the tie, then believe it and leave it.

Some choose to give too much power to something that can be broken by prayer in faith. But you must pray and decide to receive forgiveness. Nothing is too great when we pray.

Wherever you find yourself today, nothing has a hold on you that you don’t allow. You have a choice to stop being the victim of your past and choose to press on.

Below I have listed some other resources I read through as I was discovering my way through an understanding of soul ties. A few of them are a bit extreme in nature like Charisma’s “making a list of all the people you have slept with.” Or Proverbs 2426 which has a tie for everything. I know many folks who can’t even remember those experiences. God’s power is way bigger than your list or your memory. So judge for yourself. It’s my opinion that if you have given it to God, there is no tie. Maybe I’m oversimplifying this, but I think grace is pretty simple. Believe and accept. I would love to hear what you think. So please comment below.

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