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Christian Single Who Loves to Mingle

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Christian Single who loves to Mingle – Having spent the majority of my life single, I do enjoy the mingle. That may sound a bit too much for some whose mind can’t think past finding a date and/or a mate. The greatest gift we have as singles is time and the control thereof. How we choose to fill it will determine whether we are too busy to enjoy the mingle.

Years ago I decided to join a Sunday school class at my local church. It was made up of mostly single 20’s and 30’s young professionals. I had to force myself to go at first as I was very intimidated. Not from a professional perspective but from a holiness one. You see, I was a recently divorced single dad who had grown up in church his whole life. I already knew how the church reacted to divorce, and frankly I didn’t want to be known . I wanted to hide as I already felt as though I had the big “D” on my forehead. Ultimately I knew that part of the healing process of these pains and becoming single again was to share my gifts and heart with others.

A few weeks into visiting I overheard one of the leaders telling a young lady that she shouldn’t associate with divorce guys, already heading off a great friendship before it even started. I remember the hurt and religious discontent I started to feel for everyone. It almost prevented me from ever showing up at that class or church again. Many times the church is the biggest executor of our wounded. There are many of those men and women in your church who only need your kindness not your theological beliefs on their situation.

Years later he would openly apologize at the wedding reception of that young lady when she married an incredible man, who happened to be, divorced.

Needless to say I didn’t allow what was said to deter me from wanting to be around other Christian singles. My intentions were to make long lasting friendships with Godly Christian singles. I wasn’t there to date, find a mate, get therapy for the divorce, or to sell people on my latest business venture. My intention was to mingle, grow spiritually, and do life with these classmates. We had some fun times. Road trips, picnics, the lake, New York City, you name it. Some of the best memories were made when my intention was to know the people around me seeking godly friendship and accepting the differences in our pasts. Those years I learned more about how God loved me, then any of the years prior.

I challenge you to let go of trying to find someone to date and choose friendships, choose to mingle. Step outside of your comfort zones. Go to that church singles class, the small group, etc. Seek godly friendships but be willing to allow people to take shots at you out of their own ignorance. One of my favorite saying that was handed to me by a classmate was “Quack! Quack! Let it roll off your back.” God always has the last word in everything.

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