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My Broken Cisterns

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“For my people have done two evil things: They have abandoned me–the fountain of living water. And they have dug for themselves cracked cisterns that can hold no water at all!” Jeremiah 2:13

I sat in a room full of beautiful women a few nights ago. We were being real about our desires and longings. Sometimes, as a single person, you realize that it’s been ages since you have been held, touched or loved. It makes you acutely aware of the thirst for it. Its a thirst for living water, something that renews and gives life, something that fulfills.

I addressed the issue head on; “Every woman in this room knows someone that they could call tonight and that guy would be over in a flash for a major make-out session – am I right?”

Heads nodded. Even as I spoke that sentence I remembered the times years ago when instead of waiting for God to fulfill my longings I made that phone call. I also remember the emptiness of those times. I may have had satisfaction for a short time, but there was nothing lasting, no comforting coolness, no refreshing, no restoration. Its a broken cistern. It is seeking out our own satisfaction instead of running to the fountain of living water. It may be quick, easily obtained, wildly exciting or even intoxicating…but its a god of our own making and that god never delivers what we really wanted. Its a distorted hope with a slow leak that drains you until every dream you had for true connection is gone.

I hate broken cisterns. But I love Jesus. And Jesus loves people who have dug broken cisterns. He loves us and he is always standing by with a vessel ready to saturate us with a fresh outpouring of living water.

Our little group of women came to one conclusion the other night – we will wait for God. In the bible a well represents truth. Jacob met Rachael at a well, Isaac’s Rebeccah was found at a well and we will wait at the well for God to supply our need. In the meantime, we are basking in living water that renews us, strengthens us and satisfies our thirst.