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Beatrice Stockli was kidnapped by Islamist extremists in Timbuktu, Mali, in January 2016. A Swiss missionary Beatrice Stöckli—kidnapped from Timbuktu, Mali in January 2016—was …

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Shut down after Sunday services, influential congregation had refused orders to install government surveillance cameras. Beijing authorities threatened to close Zion Church last month …

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American pastor remains under house arrest until October. But good news comes day after his plight was shared at US religious freedom ministerial. Yesterday, …

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Religious ID on passports has proven useful to asylum seekers. But expansion targeting Ahmadis threatens Christians’ employment prospects. Pakistan’s citizens must now declare their …

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Suicide bombers injure 50 at Advent service. Pakistani Christian mourners buried their dead on Monday, only a week before the celebration of Christ’s birth. …

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The answer in majority-Buddhist Burma hinges on one controversial word: Rohingya. Pope Francis landed in Myanmar on Monday to start his six-day visit to …

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The medical missionary who helped curb the leprosy outbreak is the first Christian woman to receive this government honor. For the first time in …

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Turkish government labeled a Grinch for putting students’ holiday traditions on hold. “No more Christmas celebration and/or lessons on Christmas including carol singing is …