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Exile is part of the Christian experience. But our wandering is not without a destination. I’ve lived a tumbleweed life: I’ve had 16 addresses, …

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How churchgoers can journey with their “done” brothers and sisters. I met recently with an old friend of mine. We’d gone to church together …

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What happens when our kids don’t want our heirlooms. We baby boomers love our stuff, and it seems many of us have cherished the …

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Are churches missing out on discipling those in midlife? Last week in our #AmplifyWomen series, Helen Lee addressed the need for diversity in discipleship. …

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After losing my safety net, I see retirement as meaningful vocation, not permanent vacation. Some of my favorite Seinfeld episodes feature Jerry’s visits to …

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As a Messianic Jew, I see the rich origins of this liturgical season. One memorable Advent, I wondered if I was going to set …