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How a 19th-century story informs the modern holiday spirit. At 31 years old, Charles Dickens was already a novelist of international renown. He’d also …

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The Coen brothers’ flawed film is effective at exposing the sins of contemporary racism. The film Suburbicon begins with a shot of an opening …

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After seeing the new spy thriller, I still don’t know what a female action hero looks like. Many moviegoers turn to the absurdities of …

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Sofia Coppola’s latest film is all about the inevitable gap between who we are and who we claim to be. The year is 1864. …

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How the new HBO murder-mystery series gets motherhood right. Big Little Lies is a lot of things: an adaptation of one of Oprah’s favorite …

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What primetime pioneers Mary Tyler Moore and Lena Dunham teach us about culture-making and Christian influence. Female television fans are saying some hard goodbyes …

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The Netflix series focuses on the pressure around the monarch’s marriage. I recall sitting with my mother in my childhood living room and watching …

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The NBC comedy serves up an unusual take on the afterlife with a side of fro-yo, hold the religion. From time to time, popular …