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Karma Nelson is a Christian family focused fitness coach. A mother of three she understands the hectic life of a family on the go. She became a coach after she enacted some changes in her and her family’s life with faith, nutrition, and fitness that resulted in notable results to friends and family. After her success Karma started to motivate those around her to take control of their health. Today Karma’s message of faith & fitness resonate to success stories through the United States. She is an expert speaker and motivator for mom’s who are challenged each day to fight for their family’s health and fitness. Find out more about Karma at

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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Workout Distractions – Fitness Monday with Karma Nelson So you love to workout, but the stresses and responsibilities of …

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Fitness Monday Goal – sign up for a 5K – I’ve been inspired! I am going to sign me and the family up for …

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Five Tips For A Successful Marriage Five Tips For A Successful Marriage – My husband Brett and I are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary …

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I am a work in progress – I am just like you. Really, I am! Yes, I run my own business and live my …

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Not ‘feeling it’ from the gym membership? Workout from home! I have a confession to make. I truly dislike going to the gym. The …

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What is the best workout for children? Something, Anything! – I’ve had people ask me recently what the best workouts for children are. Should …

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The Great Smoothie Debate – Wow! That 20-ounce smoothie from the new store on the corner was amazing. But was it good for me? …

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Listening to music for a better workout, improved lifestyle!  – A friend and I were sitting at my kitchen table recently, just shooting the …