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Scripture calls us to seek God’s goodness in community, not in private. There’s a small note pinned to my refrigerator asking me to bring …

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Why a centuries-old reform movement might hold the key to transforming our world, one renewed heart at a time. Given reports of declining religious …

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Creating a safer world for women means talking about our vulnerability. I was somewhere in the North Carolina mountains, driving down a long stretch …

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From our special issue: reflections on discipleship in a fractured age. Editor’s Note: This article is part of “Change Makers,” our recent CT special …

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A recent study suggests that intelligence is often associated with masculinity, not femininity. “Why do you always have to analyze everything?” I’ve heard this …

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Will they—or will we—ever stop fighting? “Stop it! Don’t touch me!” “She started it.” “No, I didn—” “Yes! You! Did!” In our Christian subculture, …