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An opera heroine’s conflict with her faith and family has dangerously high stakes. Serpent-handling churches are, for obvious reasons, perpetually fascinating to those outside …

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What’s good and what’s bad about unpopular opinions. The Huffington Post recently drew eye rolls with a tweet claiming that the beloved children’s TV …

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Two of our favorite Christmas stories teach us that no one can be redeemed in isolation. This year marks the 175th anniversary of the …

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Why we shouldn’t let the Billy Graham Rule—or the “Billy Crystal Rule”—define how men and women relate. Men and women can’t be friends because …

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There’s more to the singer’s faith than sunshine and blessings. The word icon, despite its clear religious roots, is generally used in a secular …

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These athletes walked with God along the arduous road to the Olympics. Winter Olympic sports take strength, grace, speed, precision, and incredible courage. For …

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After a mass shooting, we can find solace in an art form steeped in Scripture. Sunday night, Jason Aldean was performing at an outdoor …

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Singles are on the rise. Here’s what forward-looking churches need to know. According to recent Pew data, the number of married Americans is at …