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George Lamelza is the chief publishing officer of Single Christianity Magazine. A graduate of Evangel University and a former church administrator, Lamelza’s broad expertise in media and online publications started in the 1990’s with his media companies reaching to over 30 countries. He also served for five years as a divorce recovery program facilitator at James River Church, a mega-church of over 12,000, seeing hundreds heal from past hurts. Lamelza volunteers his time with various charitable organizations including the Orlando Sports Foundation, AutoNation CureBowl, and Christian Media Ministries, Inc. Lamelza is passionate about helping Christian singles live their daily life full of hope and joy. He is a single father of two beautiful daughters and resides in Orlando, Florida and Springfield, Missouri.

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I have decided to work out. I have decided to get a better job. I have decided to find that spouse. I have decided …

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7 Things to Leave Behind in 2017 – Many December 31st’s found me home alone watching people around the world ring in the New Year. …

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Where all the men at…? – Christian Dating Questions – Recently a friend posted some dating questions to her Facebook followers. She started with “I …

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Letting Go – 4 Healthy ways to cope with breakups. Relationships can be some of the most exciting opportunities to know and to be …

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I wish I had been a better man – Desire without knowledge is not good— how much more will hasty feet miss the way! …

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10 Characteristics of Dateable Men and Women – God’s Casting Call for Your Love Story Dateable Men and Women – My home church recently …

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It’s not you, it’s me – Single nearly 14 years since my divorce – I’ve been on many dates, but had few relationships. Most …

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Text Messages and Women – Yesterday the ladies heard from Stacy Hord on texting and relationships and the misconceptions therein. You can read it …

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“I’m not happy.” “I’ve changed.” “They changed.” “They stayed the same.” “They have addictions.” “They are emotionally abusive.” “They are physically abusive.” “They cheated.” …

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You’re A Nobody? – We, as single people, have time. Enviably we use that extra time to check what everyone else is doing.  Have …