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CT’s 1958 interview provides some bearing on today’s missions to the sun, Mars and beyond. It seems like so long ago that a moonshot …

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Why being human means we must be embodied. Human bodies married to metallic bodies—one complex system intertwining with another—happen with more frequency these days. …

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What space exploration tells us about human curiosity, from Eden to Mars. Blue is the color of Mars at sunset. From the surface, the …

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Science can explain why Hurricane Florence is threatening my home. But it can’t interpret it. On Ash Wednesday 1962, the dead didn’t just rise …

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AI may be familiar with all our ways, but God created our face for much more. I love my wife's elbows. And my kids’ …

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When we are sick and need to know what can make us whole again, there is no other fount we know. In the time …

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If He wants to have meaningful relationship with us, it will require dialogue. Why do children ask lots and lots of questions? Aren’t they …

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A reminder of humanity’s small part in God’s universe One day last week, a strange pack of 3D-like glasses showed up on our kitchen …

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TRAPPIST-1 is not our new home. The Creator declared it good anyway. An increasing number of people today are putting their hopes in the …