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Brittany Rust is a writer, speaker, and has the privilege of serving on staff at Red Rocks Church in Denver, CO. She and her husband Ryan make their home in the Rocky Mountains, pursuing outdoor adventures, great food and memorable stories together. Her website aims to supply encouraging resources for the world-wearied believer.

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Why Conflict Can Be A Good Thing & How To Deal With It – I sat on one end of the couch and he …

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Too often the intensity of pain and grief can push us to bypass proper healing. When we do this, we shortcut what God wants …

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When Ryan and I broke up, there was no indication we’d ever get back together. In fact, Ryan told me to move on and …

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It was a warm, sunny afternoon as I breezed through the door of a friend’s apartment for an Easter lunch. I was arriving a …

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Singleness wasn’t just the quiet moments of loneliness. It wasn’t just the loss of dear friends to the marriage bandwagon and knowing those friendships …

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One of the Most Important Things You Could Do – I’ve shared my experience in dating and failure along the way on this website …